Why create a blog for free, write articles and earn money on Heatted is the best choice for you ?

Create a blog and write articles for free !

Usually, when people want to create a blog, they use WordPress. They have to buy a domain name, pay an hosting provider (about 5$/month), learn how to use the hosting provider, the FTP client and WordPress to finally create the blog (in about a week or 2 weeks). But finally, they have an ugly and slow website with a bad SEO (because they took free WordPress theme).
And if they have a problem with the hosting or a problem with the website, they will panic and pay a freelancer to fix the problem.

Or, they can pay a freelancer to create the blog but it will cost around 500-1000$. You can learn more for the price here.

They are really loosing their time and money.

Create a blog and write article for free

With Heatted, you can register and write articles for free.
You don’t have to manage your hosting, you don’t have to build your website, you don’t have to learn how to use Heatted.

You just have to register, complete your profile and write your articles. You can also create quizzes, personnality quizzes, polls, lists, ranked lists, open lists, share videos, images, gifs, mêmes…

Ready to use

You just have to register and setup your profile page with gallery, sliders, skills, quote, services, Instagram, Flicker, “about me”… You can watch an example here : Profile example

You just need 10 minutes to create your blog ! At the bottom of this page, you can watch how to create a blog on Heatted. Let’s watch !

Plus, you can setup your profile, write and post directly your articles with your smartphone ! With WordPress, you can’t do that.

Let’s write your articles when you are in the bus, toilets or loosing your time on Facebook.

Create a blog and write articles with your smartphone
Create a blog : the 7 best reasons to choose Heatted 2

Create a blog with better visibility !

Our website is faster thanks to our dedicate server, cache system and image optimisation, responsive and really attractive, we optimised the share, vote, like and comment systems. There is also featured posts, trending posts, hot posts and popular posts.

We will get a lot of bloggers and articles on our website, so get a lot of visitors and readers. You will have more views on your articles !

Correction and SEO improvements

You have the choice, it’s not mandatory, we can correct your articles and improve the SEO for you and for free ! We can also give some help if you want to learn how to optimized the SEO and get more visitors.

If you don’t want, you just have to send us a message, we can communicate together if you need help or answers, by Facebook, Instagram or by message on the website.

Create a blog : the 7 best reasons to choose Heatted 3
share articles on social network

Your posts will be shared on our social networks profiles

Normally, we will have a lot of followers on our social networks account and we will share automatically all the posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram…

We will also try to share in Facebook groups if it’s relevant.

Plus, we manage the newsletter and for each article published, people who signed up to the newsletter will receive the new article.

Earn money with us !

We put some advertisement on our blog, thanks to you and our visitors, we earn money. We also have a lot of partners and when we can, we will add some affiliate links in your articles.

We want to share this money with you ! So, we created a game with points : you earn points when you write an article, when you have views on your article and other…
After, you can exchange your points with real money, send via Paypal. Learn more

Create a blog : the 7 best reasons to choose Heatted 4
French flag

We created the same website for French bloggers

If you want to write your article in French, we have exactly the same website in French language and for French people.

It works exactly the same !

Par ici pour écrire en Français : Heatted Français

Si vous n’avez rien compris car vous ne comprenez pas l’Anglais mais que vous avez été attiré par le beau drapeau Français, sachez que vous pouvez créer votre blog gratuitement sur fr.Heatted et écrire des articles puis gagner de l’argent en gagnant des points à échanger contre de l’argent. Vous en saurez plus sur le Heatted Français.

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