Culture shock Thailand is something that many people see when traveling to Thailand for the first time. And I have collected this record from foreign friends that I know. They talked about the new experiences they had seen in Thailand. I thought it would be nice to create a list that you should know before traveling to Thailand. Here we go !

  1. 1 The land of Smiles

    10 Culture shocks in Thailand that travelers need to know 5

    Thailand is often called “The land of Smiles” because of the country’s friendly people. People, at first you may see poverty, dirt, mess, craziness. You think it must be dangerous and terrible. After a while you realize that everyone smiles. Everyone is happy with what they have. Sometimes you may hear the word “Mai Pen Rai” it means don’t worry, It doesn’t matter. It’s a warm and friendly word. Thai people use “Mai Pen Rai” to avoid making other people feel bad. And other words is “Jai Yen Yen” means clam down. It’s often said when people start to lose control. You’ll see everyone smiles back to you.

  2. 2 Greeting with Wai

    10 Culture shocks in Thailand that travelers need to know 6

    Wai is considered a normal greeting in Thailand. People will puts their hands together and drop the head down slightly. Wai can mean “Hello, Thank you, Sorry or Goodbye” but if the persons are friends or same age, don’t have to greeting with “Wai”. You can see Thai greetings everywhere by restaurants, hotels and airports etc.

  3. 3 Take your shoes off

    10 Culture shocks in Thailand that travelers need to know 7

    Thai people will take off their shoes before entering various places especially homes and whatever you do, Shouldn’t point your feet in the direction of someone else or pointing at things. It’s very impolite for Thai people.

  4. 4 Always end the conversation with “Ka” or “ Krup”

    When Thai people talk to each other, will end the sentence with Ka or Krup to show their respect and honor. It may sound strange for people who are not Thai. “Ka” is said by women and “Krup” is said by men.

  5. 5 Never say anything bad about the King

    10 Culture shocks in Thailand that travelers need to know 8

    The King is the most beloved person in all of Thailand and very important. You shouldn’t show any disrespect towards the king. In the theater you’ll have to salute the king before watching a movie in every time. You’ll have to stand up to salute during the national anthem. And sometimes you may hear the national anthem at 8AM and 6PM in the public places. Everyone in that places will stop what they are doing and stand up until the national anthem end.

  6. 6 Respecting the Buddha

    10 Culture shocks in Thailand that travelers need to know 9

    The main religion in Thailand is Buddhism. it’s important to respect the religion. Wherever you go in Thailand you will find a lot of temples. You should dress appropriately before entering the temple. And shouldn’t stand on the Buddha statue to have your photograph taken. You must display some respect and courtesy.

  7. 7 The smells

    There’re a lot of smells on the street in Bangkok. You can get a bad smell from the sewer grates in every corner of the street or from the trash that overflowed.

  8. 8 Creepy snacks

    10 Culture shocks in Thailand that travelers need to know 10

    Grasshopper, silk worm and insect is a popular snack for Thai people. These bugs can be found on many street, market Or even in 7-eleven. Do not miss to try!

  9. 9 Spicy food

    10 Culture shocks in Thailand that travelers need to know 11

    Most Thai food, the taste is very spicy. If you can’t eat spicy, So make sure that the food you are ordering is not spicy, or you can tell them a little bit spicy.

  10. 10 Traffic is crazy

    Traffic in Bangkok can be really bad in rush hour (7AM-10AM and 4PM-8PM) In some directions can be bad almost every time. This is something you should consider if you are thinking of renting a car or using a taxi. The best way is use the BTS (skytrain) or MRT (underground). 

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    10 Culture shocks in Thailand that travelers need to know 12

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Hi and welcome! My name is Pimchanok and I am living in Bangkok, Thailand. After I graduated from university, I have started my own trip in Thailand and after that I traveled abroad. So after the trip I came back and shared what I have seen and expeienced throughout the jouney to everyone in this website. Hopefully my blog will be useful to everyone and I will travel as much as I can and share everything for all of you. Thank you and nice to meet you all 🙂


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