Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. Therefore, there is a lot of transportation in Bangkok that you can use. But the fare price depends on the type of transportation you use. So I can suggest a way that you can travel in Bangkok in a cheap way, doesn’t need to be expensive. and this is the best way that I’d like to recommend you to get around Bangkok.

Bangkok City

How to get around in Bangkok 


Taxi In Bangkok

Taxis are the most convenient and comfortable transportation. You can easily catch a taxi anywhere in the city. But should avoid traveling in rush hour, In the morning from 7AM-10AM and in the evening from 5PM-8PM because the traffic is very bad. In this case, a metered taxi can be more expensive.

Tip: While traveling by taxi in Bangkok, You should ask the taxi driver to use the meter. Because he may charge you a fare as he wants. But if he refuses to use the meter, just find another taxi.

If you take a meter taxi, Fares start at 35 baht ($1) for the first kilometer. The price will depend on the distance.

BTS ( Skytrain)

Skytrain in Bangkok

BTS or Bangkok Mass Transit System) is a fast and cheap way to travel. And easy to travel to interesting places within the city. There’re 2 BTS lines that you can use:

BTS Silom Line runs from central Bangkok to south. It stops at 14 stations, including Siam, Sala Daeng, Saphan Taksin across the Chao Phraya River)

BTS Sukhumvit Line runs from north to south. It stops at 30 stations, including Mo Chit, Victory Monument, Nana, Asok,Ekkamai and two lines will meet at Siam Station. You can change to Silom Line at this station.

Tip: Avoid using BTS during peak hour (7AM- 9AM and 5PM-7PM) Because it’s full of people who are working.

BTS fares start at 16 baht ($0.50) to 59 baht ($1.85) Depending on distance. And operates daily between 6AM to Midnight. Check out more information and Map here Transit Bangkok Website

MRT ( Underground Train)

MRT or Metropolitan Rapid Transit is another option of transportation you can use. It’s also fast and cheap, Mainly serving another area than the BTS, you can transfers between MRT and BTS in different 3 stations Chatuchak Park to Mo Chit, Sukhumvit to Asok and Silom to Sala Daeng

Tip: Avoid using MRT during peak hour (6AM-9AM and 5PM-7PM)

MRT fares start at 16 baht ($0.50) to 42 baht ($1.32) Depending on distance. And operates daily between 6AM to Midnight.

check out for more infomation and fares Transit Bangkok Wesite


In Bangkok there’re many bus services that you can use and take you to everywhere. You can choose to use the air conditioned bus and without air conditioning. But the fares will be different. However, traveling by bus is the cheapest way. But it doesn’t take you directly to the tourist attractions. Therefore, it will take a long time to travel.

Bus  fares start at 7 baht ($0.22) The fare will depend on the distance. And operates daily between 5AM to Midnight. You can find more infomations on the Transit Bangkok Wesite

Motorbike Taxi

Chinatown in Bangkok

Motorbike Taxi is another option for you to travel in Bangkok and also a quick way to reach anywhere you want to reach. You can find the motorbike taxi easily. They will be everywhere in Bangkok and the drivers will wear numbered orange vests

Motorbike Taxi fares start at 10 baht ($0.31) The fare will depend on the distance. And operates daily 24 hours

Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk in Bangkok

Most tourists prefer tuk tuk because it’s a rare vehicle in other cities around the world and who want some fun while getting around. But the fare is quite expensive and not cheaper than taxis. If you really want to take a Tuk Tuk You should ask the fare price with the driver first, it may as a chances of being scammed.

Tuk Tuk fares start at 80 baht ($2.51) The fare will depend on the distance. You can find everywhere around tourist attraction.

Khlong Saen Saep Boat

Local boat in Bangkok

Khlong Saen Saep Boat is another option that can take you to a tourist attractions and not take a long time to travel. And cheap fare. It’s interesting way to travel and sightsee.

Local Boat in Bangkok

Tip: Avoid using boat during peak hour (6AM-9AM and 4PM-6PM) and should customize the sample. Don’t carry a lot of stuff or a large bag with you Because getting up and down is quite difficult. The canal is quite dirty and stink, While having another boat running at the opposite direction. Should beware of the water that will splash on you.

Khlong Saen Saep Boat fares start at 10 baht ($0.31) The fare will depend on the distance. And operates daily between 6AM to 8PM

Hopefully, This guide will be useful to you in choosing transportation in Bangkok.

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Hi and welcome! My name is Pimchanok and I am living in Bangkok, Thailand. After I graduated from university, I have started my own trip in Thailand and after that I traveled abroad. So after the trip I came back and shared what I have seen and expeienced throughout the jouney to everyone in this website. Hopefully my blog will be useful to everyone and I will travel as much as I can and share everything for all of you. Thank you and nice to meet you all 🙂


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