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Koh Mak is a small island of Trat province, Thailand. Another attraction that has beautiful beaches. I've been to many islands in Thailand. And Koh Mak is one of my favorite islands. It’s quite place and there’re not many tourists. It’s an island that is really suitable for relaxation. 

So next I’ll tell you what you must know before going to Koh Mak.

Koh Mak

Koh Mak Travel Guide

Things you must know

  1. There are not many ATMs on the island. So make sure you bring enough cash with you. But for large resorts, you may be able to pay with a credit card. And you can’t use a credit card with a small restaurant or small shops. So the best way is to bring enough cash to the number of days you stay.
  2. On the island there are no 7 eleven or big supermarket. There are only small shops that sell basic things such as snacks, some foods and fruits, Items for bathing etc.
  3. Also there are no entertainment places, only a small restaurants and bars. At night it’s very quiet. You can hardly hear the car running along the road.
  4. Most restaurants on the island are quite expensive. But there’s street food that you can find at a reasonable price

How to get there

If you start traveling from Bangkok, There are busses that you can use from Ekamai Bus terminal and from Morchit Bus terminal. You can choose to travel from both stations as you like. The bus will take you to Trat city(Trat Bus Terminal)So you’ll have to take a local taxi from the bus station to Laem Ngop pier. And the last of the journey is taking speedboat from Laem Ngop pier to Koh Mak.

I suggest you book a boat ticket in advance because sometimes the boat ticket may be fully booked. When arriving at Koh Mak, If anyone informs the resort to pick up, There will be a car from the resort to pick you up. But if not booked with the resort to pick up. At the pier will have taxis and a motorbike rental shop you can choose to use the service as convenient.

Koh Kham,Trat

When to go

The best season to visit Koh Mak is between November and April. During this period, the wind waves are quiet and clear sky. In the rainy season, you can also travel But the wind waves are strong. Getting to Koh Mak may not be as convenient as it should be. And may have less activity to do.

How to get around

The best way to explore the island is rent a motorbike from the motorbike rental shop and there are also available at the most resorts. Another option is to use a local taxi but it might be expensive. So it’s easy to get around by motorbike

A girl on Koh Mak


In addition to relaxing on the beach. There are more things to do! if you like diving or snorkeling, there are driving and snorkeling trip for one day But if you have a limited budget and don't want to lose your money you can snorkel right from the beach. I'm sure you will see many coral reefs. You can also rent a kayak to explore the shoreline and nearby island of Koh kham on your own.

The Beach on Koh Kham

So we rent a kayak at Koh Mak resort that located in Ao Suan Yai to go to Koh Kham but if you don’t want to rent kayak. There is a boat trip to Koh Kham, you can contact the counter in front the resort. But to enter the island you have to pay an entrance fee and you’ll get one drink for free. Koh Kham is an amazing island that you must visit! You will see white sand beach and crystal clear water. The sands here is very soft, I walked on the beach almost felt like walking on cotton. It's very comfortable and relaxing.

Sunset on Koh Mak


Ao Suan Yai is the most beautiful beach on the island. You can see a beautiful view of Koh Kham. And here you can see the best sunset on the island. Ao Kao is also beautiful with a long beach and good atmosphere. Here you can find some hammocks and swings.

Bamboo Hideaway Resort, Koh Mak

Where to stay

We stay for a couple nights at Bamboo Hideaway Resort. Surrounded by lush jungle in a rubber tree plantation. It’s very nice and peaceful. There’s also an outdoor pool and sunloungers surrounded by palm trees.

Bamboo Hideaway Resort, Koh Mak

Bamboo Hideaway Resort, Koh Mak

This resort is quite far from the beach. So It would be much better if you rent a motorbike to go around and motorbike also available at the resort. So If you are looking for good accommodation, reasonable prices and peaceful. I recommend this as another option for you.

As we know, Koh Mak is a tropical Island. So there’re a lot of mosquitoes on the island. I was bitten by more than 20 mosquitoes on my legs. Importantly, you should take mosquito repellent with you. But if you forget! Don’t worry, There’re also available at the shop on the island.

So It's time to go to Koh Mak! Hope you enjoy.

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